The Dreaded “X” of Xmas: It’s OK, People, Christ Is Still In There

For as long as I can remember, anytime the word “Christmas” was spelled with an “X” in place of “Christ”, I’ve heard people rage about the “removal” of Christ from Christmas.

And, for a time, in my naiveté, I had the same rage.

Fortunately, years ago, I came to learn that I was misinformed and being down right ridiculous…as is anyone who rages about it.

When I see or hear someone ranting about the “removal of Christ from Christmas” I immediately recognize that they don’t know much about Christian history and has never taken the time to learn the truth about the “Xmas” origin.

I feel the need to sit them down with the Google machine and walk them through what’s known as “research”.

To save some time here though, I’ve linked to one of the best and easiest overviews of the history of the dreaded “X” of Xmas.


I now, more often than not, spell “Christmas” as “Xmas” and I get plenty of flack for it.

I’m ok with it, though.

I know why I spell it that way and why I believe we should all be spelling it with an “X”.

So, people of Planet Earth, spell it how you wish.

Just, please, for the love of all that is holy, stop raging on anyone who chooses to spell it differently than you under the misguided argument that they want to remove Christ. They’re not the devil in disguise and I’m certain they love Jesus just as much as you do…

…possibly more.

2 thoughts on “The Dreaded “X” of Xmas: It’s OK, People, Christ Is Still In There

  1. Great post. I could honestly care less how people write out the word, but it was very interesting to see the origin of xmas. I had never looked at that before. People who claim to be Christians freak out over some of the craziest things, and then wonder why no one wants to follow Jesus. Thankful for those who truly follow the Gospel and live a life of radical love towards God and others. Have a very blessed day. Chris

  2. I get it. I studied greek as a child. The thing is, most people have no idea of greek. That’s why we have the idiom, “That’s Greek to me.”

    Most people put the X there to X out the name of Christ. Let’s be honest. The outrage, though? Still probably wasted. Christmas is a pagan holiday that the RCC turned into a Christian one. It is full of pagan traditions, very little of it anymore really speaks of Christ in this culture anymore *except* the name, which even Christian’s are finding creative ways to drop off.

    As much as I don’t agree with “x-mas”, I agree even less with blaming the pagan holiday on Jesus Christ.

    That said, I do love that the story of Christ still does manage to get out and reach the lost during this time of year in many ways in spite of all the rest.

    Very interesting post though. Thanks for sharing.

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