Check out the new Laundry Love Project website!

Right now we’re headed to Leesburg, Fl to meet with laundromat owners about our first Laundry Love Project for Leesburg. We’re so excited about the opportunity to continue expanding the LLP beyond Tampa Bay. I just wanted to send you a quick reminder to check out our new and improved Laundry Love Project website. Now you can learn even more about the Laundry Love Project – dates, locations, company sponsors etc.

I also wanted to remind you to get involved with our next project in Sulphur Springs on Saturday, June 4th.

DONATE – give towards our $600 goal to provide clean laundry

VOLUNTEER – give 3 hours of your time to the project

Honstly, we can’t do these projects without your support. Because of you, families can have clean clothes and linens that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Thank you for supporting and enjoy the new website!

Visit the new website here ———–>

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