Support the Laundry Love Project

Friends, you can change a life this week by simply sponsoring this Saturday’s Laundry Love Project in Sulphur Springs! Help meet our $600 goal for this project in one of these ways:

FAMILY SPONSOR – $20 to wash & dry two loads for a family

SUPPLIES SPONSOR – $50 – $100 to provide laundry supplies

PROJECT CO-SPONSOR – $300 to co-host the project

HOSTING SPONSOR – $600 to fully host the project providing 30+ families with clean laundry

It’s true that as little as $20 helps a family in need by providing 2 full washed & dryed loads of laundry. Won’t you support families in need this week? Not only can you support financially, but you can be there to see your donation at work.

BE A VOLUNTEER – give 3 hours of your time to the project

Take a look at what you’ll be a part of this week:

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