Saturday was incredible!

What an incredible day we had on Saturday at our Sulphur Springs Laundry Love Project! I wish you could have seen it in action. So many smiles. So many “thank you’s”. So much hope found and love experienced.

In 3 hours…

…we washed & dried 156 loads of laundry

…served 21 families & 8 children

…and provided needed supplies for families to use on their next laundry day

Get a look at the fantastic volunteer team we had!


How about joining them next month on May 7th? Here’s how to do it:

BE A SPONSOR – donate towards our $600 goal to provide clean laundry

BE A VOLUNTEER – give 3 hours of your time to the project

As little as $20 and 3 hours of your week can change the world. Try it.

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